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Program execution stops during flash page erase

Question asked by Mig on Nov 17, 2014
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There is an Audio-Codec connected by I2S to the STM32F407/401 with 48kHz. Every sample needs to be calculated as soon as it arrives to keep the latency between Analog In and Out as short as possible, which means 48000 Interrupts by the DMA which transfers the data from the I2S interface to a buffer.


Now I need to have a ‚virtual EEPROM‘, by using 2 flash pages, to store settings of the program. It seems that the CPU stops executing the program during page erase.


-          Where can I find a description what happens to the interrupts and the CPU while Page erase is ongoing.

-          Is there a kind of back-ground operation available, keep the system running, while the page erase?

-          Can I interrupt the page erase getting the priority to the audio interrupt?