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STM32F4 HID Host custom device

Question asked by khetani.krunal on Nov 12, 2014

I am interested to make USB HID HOST which can communicate with custom hid device instead of mice or keyboard.

For that I have to send data to that custom hid device.
I have used below fuction for dataout
USBH_InterruptSendData (pdev, (unsigned char *)&HID_Machine.buff, HID_Machine.length, HID_Machine.hc_num_out);

I am only doing out transaction form Host(STM32) to device. Everything is perfect and working fine up to 14th frame but 15th frame get corrupted, I have analyzer showing "child has an error". So I am unable to understand the cause of issue, is it memory overflow at host?

If  I continue data transmission with new data then host is sending old data packet onwards

I used dual core example for ST and modified  USBH_HID_Handle() as below (Only two cases are shown here)

                while(USB_OTG_IsEvenFrame(pdev) == FALSE);
               USBH_InterruptSendData (pdev, (unsigned char *)&HID_Machine.buff,     HID_Machine.length, HID_Machine.hc_num_out);
               HID_Machine.state = HID_BUSY;
               HID_Machine.timer = HCD_GetCurrentFrame(pdev);               
case HID_BUSY:     
                     if(( HCD_GetCurrentFrame(pdev) - HID_Machine.timer) >= HID_Machine.poll)
                                   HID_Machine.state = HID_SEND_DATA;                              
                                   //Retry++; //1
                         else if(HCD_GetURB_State(pdev , HID_Machine.hc_num_out) == URB_DONE) //last transaction was successful or not(USB request Block)
                                   HID_Machine.state = HID_GET_DATA;     
                         else if(HCD_GetURB_State(pdev, HID_Machine.hc_num_out) == URB_STALL )  
                              if( (USBH_ClrFeature(pdev,  pphost, HID_Machine.ep_addr,      HID_Machine.hc_num_out)) == USBH_OK)
                                   HID_Machine.state = HID_SEND_DATA;