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Timer in One-Pulse Mode. All pulses has to end at the same time?

Question asked by Phataas on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by rost0031
I am programming on the STM32F429 and using a timer in one-pulse mode. I measure the two pulses I have generated on an oscilloscope and they behave like expected.

What I want to do now is keep the pulse timeconstant, but be able to change the delay before the pulse is activated.

In PWM mode 2 this can be done by setting the PWM pulse time (delay) and the auto-reload register (pulse) (the pulse duration is pwm pulse time subtracted from the auto-reload register).

This work as I want, but the problem is when I introduce a new channel with a different PWM pulse time (delay) the pulse will not have the same duration... This because the auto-reload register works on the entire timer.

Is there any way to solve this using one-pulse mode? I see I can probably solve this using output compare, but it would not be as elegant and I am curious if one-pulse mode can solve this.