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How to configure FSMC for the task?

Question asked by tereniev.oleg on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by tereniev.oleg
Hi, All.
 Доброго дня, All!

I need connect MCU to SHDSL_B1H, but I can't understand, how should comfigure FSMC. I'm using STM32F407VG (then it will replaced to STM32F103VC). I have read descriptions MCU and AN2790, but it didn't help me.
 What I want?
I have #CS, #WR, #RD, #A0 ('#' means inverted) and D0..D7 data/adress. ST says in the AN it 8080-like type. I need NOR interface. Ok, but I still have one problem.
 For multiple read or write the device need 'read' ( or 'write' in second case) condition, then clean, then set 'read' again, ...
 I can select adress over connecting #A0 of device to A9 of MCU. But how to configure FSMC for save possibility read/write miltiple values in the same register?
 I think about external gate for #WR and #RD, managed by CLK.. I very hope, it can be decided over configure FSMC.

AN2790, see page 11.
Modem, page 48 (It isn't english!)

PS: Sorry my enlish.
b.r., Oleg