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Question asked by herman.daniel.002 on Nov 8, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2014 by herman.daniel.002

    IDE: Keil 4.74 (microvision)

    Board: proprietary board with STM32F102C8
    Program: only activates UART 1 to communicate with a terminal
    1 - I can download the program to the board using the Flash Loader Demonstrator,
         the program works fine
    2 - IDE debug mode: the Ulink2 is detected but: "Ulink2 communication failure"
    3 - This same Ulink2 works perfectly on another board with STM32F103VB and
          exactly the same program.
    4 - The JTAG pins are routed the same way on both boards. I checked them with
          an auxiliary program disabling the JTAG and outputting a 1Mhz square wave
          at these pins, one by one.

 Any clue? Could it be that the Jlink2 doesn't support the STM32F102 anymore?