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STM32 with LWIP and STemWin example

Question asked by rost0031 on Nov 7, 2014
So I have gotten a lot of help from this forum so I thought I would give back.  I have 2 projects up on my sourceforge site: 1 is for an STM3220G-Eval board and a newer one for an STM324x9i-EVAL2 board.

The newer has examples of
LWIP (UDP, TCP, ICMP, and if you compile it DHCP),
NOR flash,
I2C with DMA (unfortunately, I am using a different EEPROM so the one shipping with the kit won't work but should be similar enough where you can get the one with it working).
LCD with DMA2D and STemWin.
QPC RTOS (which is seriously awesome if you've never used it).

Make sure to pull the code from git as I don't often update the zipfile that has the code.