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Firmwar for UART using HAL_UART files

Question asked by vandal.sangamesh on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2014 by Montassar BEN ROMDHANE

we are using STM3220EVAL-G evaluation board.

In our project we want to establish two UARTs communication with two different external devices in Interrupt mode

UART related function are defined in 
STSW-STM32062 (standard peripheral library)
How to relate STSW-STM32062 (standard peripheral library) with STM32CubeF2.
because we need USB Host application also in our project.
or shall we get UART examples implemented using HAL_UART functions available in 
STM32CubeF2 (without DMA) in interrupt mode
Waiting for response