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STM32F105RB custom board

Question asked by patel.dixit on Nov 6, 2014
Hello everyone, I was using STM32F105RB discovery board from that i made my own custom board. i have uploaded its schematic. When i tried to run the code from "stm32_library-master" which is given on , the code given for USB HID works OK when i use this code for the pen drive it gives PID , VID ,Speed of the USB device perfectly  but the code for USB MSC is not even giving proper values of Speed , PID , VID so my Questions are as below,

Question(1). Is there any change in thehardware for the USB MSC code??

Question(2). If no then why VBUS is initialized as Alternate Function Mode in USB HID in usb_bsp.c and as an Input Mode in USB MSC in usb_bsp.c??

Please Reply if any body knows about it...