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Using TIM1 for SPI CLK

Question asked by stegu.ziga.001 on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by stegu.ziga.001
I need to have 2xSPI synchronized and also synchronized with some timers.
Unusual use of TIM1. (STM32F401VC, discovery board)
I use TIM1 in repeat and one pulse mode to generate 8 CLK for 1 byte of SPI
I have a working 10MHz 8 clock pulses on pin PE9.


I would like to set SPI1 (PB4->MISO and PB3->SCK) in slave mode and output with CLK generated by TIM1

Are there any obsticles I am unaware? Vpp voltage drops from 3,3V to about 2V when I connect PE9 to PB3. :/

Thank you!

More info:
I have a working SPI1 and SPI2 synchronization (one master, second slave, just about 10ns delay), and triggering on timer interrupts. SLEEPONEXIT enable. Disabled SYSTICK timer. But (input) capture interrupts ruin everything. I would like this TIM1 as CLK to work as I can set DMA earlier and then SPI can do its job on time!