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STM32F072 high power consumption in lp modes

Question asked by najgebaur.jan.001 on Nov 5, 2014
Hi guys,

i have some problems with power consumption, i will try to describe my situation:

MCU is assembed od PCB just with power supply and SWD interface, any IO is connected. Board is powered from lab. power supply 3,0V

After MCU reset and SystemInit (taken from discovery example), all IOs are set up as analog inputs (taken from discovery example), then MCU goes to standby, or stop mode and two strange things are happening:

1.) after programming and MCU reset, swd cable disconnection and entering standby mode, the consumption is about 550uA, pulling nreset low does not help. Only after reseting the power consumption goes to 17uA.

2.) it makes no difference when using

    ..the consumption is still 17uA.
    Problem is, that the difference between stop and standby should be at least few uA and
    it should be much less than 17uA.

    I tried PWR_CurrentConsumption example on both my board and STM32F072B 
    disco, but did not give me better results.

   Any advice welcomed, thanks.