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STM32 Memory-to-Memory DMA transfer to 16-bit SRAM

Question asked by Doherty.Rowan.001 on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2014 by Doherty.Rowan.001
I have an STM32F429 connected via FMC to a 16-bit wide SRAM. I can read and write to the SRAM correctly using simple memory writes.
DMA works correctly too when I configure it with two streams; one to send internal memory words to the half-word memory, and a second stream to read half-words to back to the internal memory.

Even though it works, I'm confused about whether I'm configuring my DMA correctly, and a couple of answers would help greatly:
  1. Do I need to specify in the DMA that the memory transfers are from word to half-word, and vice versa? Or does the FMC automatically handle the data-width translation? i.e. can I use DMA with word-transfers even though the SRAM is 16-bit?
  3. Is there any advantage to using FIFO mode with memory-to-memory transfers?
  5. Memory-to-Memory transfers do not allow Direct Mode to be used. I can see the FIFO being enabled by hardware (DMDIS = 1). But I'm not configuring BURST sizes and it seems to work fine. Is all this performed by hardware?