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How to connect clock crystal on STM32F427VIT?

Question asked by Bob_AGI on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2014 by Clive One
I am a newbie with ARM and ST parts, but I have used Microchip PIC parts for many years, though.
Now I believe is the time to switch to a more powerful and expansive platform, so I am investigating ARM. I downloaded and used STM32CubeMX in order to zoom in on a suitable part to start off with. My first project would be to convert an older design using an obsolete Motorola MCU with an ST part and it located STM32F427VIT for me.
I have downloaded the data sheet for this part and I can do a lot with that info, but I have one big problem and this is how I should connect the clock crystals to the part?

Microchip has ample descriptions of how to hook in the crystal and how to calculate the capacitors and such for PIC as well as protecting from stray noise.

I find no such information for the ST part....
Can you point me in the correct direction, please?
I need to know how to connect both the 32 kHz RTC crystal and the main 25 MHz clock crystal.
Thanks in advance.