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How Disable global interrupt with ARM 32F0

Question asked by PA3040 on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2014 by PA3040
Dear All
Following syntax does nit disable the global interrupt

Please advice 

     uint32_t PriMask = 0x01;
     //void __enable_irq (void);//Global Interrupt enable (using the instruction CPSIE i)
     void __set_PRIMASK (uint32_t PriMask );// M0, M3PRIMASK = value// Assign value to Priority Mask Register (usingthe instruction MSR)
     //void __disable_irq(void);
     //void __diasable_irq(void);
          //void __set_PRIMASK (uint32_t __set_PRIMASK);
     //uint32_t  __get_PRIMASK(void)

It is seem to be "PRIMASK;bit does not disable
please advice how disable PRIMASK BIT disable with CMSIS source code
Thanks in advance