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compiler error at stm32f30x_it.c

Question asked by t.a on Oct 29, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2014 by Clive One

I have found a code on the net and I am trying to figure it out how does it work. The code sends some data via USB to PC with the UART protocol. When I compile it, it sends an error at the file stm32f30x_it.c. I haven't even touched this file.

This is what I get:
compiling stm32f30x_it.c...
user\stm32f30x_it.c(48): warning:  #1295-D: Deprecated declaration TimingDelay_Decrement - give arg types
user\stm32f30x_it.c(48): warning:  #77-D: this declaration has no storage class or type specifier
user\stm32f30x_it.c(196): error:  #169: expected a declaration
user\stm32f30x_it.c(205): error:  #169: expected a declaration
user\stm32f30x_it.c: 2 warnings, 2 errors
compiling system_stm32f30x.c...
compiling usb_desc.c...
compiling usb_endp.c...
compiling usb_istr.c...
compiling usb_prop.c...
compiling usb_pwr.c...
".\comport.axf" - 2 Error(s), 2 Warning(s).
Target not created

Here are the actual lines where the error occurs:

{       //this is line 196
#if defined (USB_INT_DEFAULT)
void USBWakeUp_IRQHandler(void)
#elif defined (USB_INT_REMAP)
void USBWakeUp_RMP_IRQHandler(void)
{  //this is line 205
Thanks for the help