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debugging keil uvision memory window

Question asked by hill.jonathan.001 on Oct 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2014 by Clive One
hi guys,

I know this isn't really the right forum for this because its more about an ide than a microcontroller, but the uvision forum is broken, and has been for a little while.
While I wait for keil's support to fix that, would someone here mind quickly helping me?

I basically don't understand the memory view windows for use when debugging in uvision4, and the documentation available isnt too clear to me. Just to try and play around with it, I've got a function in which I'm declaring some local variables and doing some arbitrary arithmetic with them, and adding these variables to 'memory 1' to try and see where in memory they are.

I was expecting the memory window to show a list of memory addresses, with the values stored in them next to them. Instead what I can see is the value I assign to the variable I'm putting in the memory window, suffixed with a colon, followed by loads of hex values which hold no particular relevance from visual inspection, to me. 

Can anyone kindly advise me on how to use and interpret the memory window constructively?

If it helps, the reason I want to use it is to try and see where exactly my stack and it's boundaries are (hence why I'm looking at the memory for local variables in a function). According to my cmsis startup.s file, the stack_size is 200 bytes , which I believe is the default. 

If anyone can help me I would appreciate it a lot, including pointers to documentation.