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STM32F429 LCD controlleur __ display in DE mode

Question asked by yuan.guillet on Oct 28, 2014



 I useSTM4F429II as LCD controller for application TFT display.  My TFT works in DE mode, in the datasheet thereis no information about VSYNC, HSYNC, HBP and VBP...  there are only info’s  about CLK period, DE period, DE pulse width,DE frame blanking, DE frame width…

Is theresomebody know how TFT works in DE mode, how to configure:

HorizontalSync= ? ;

VerticalSync= ? ;

AccumulatedHBP= ? ;

AccumulatedVBP= ? ;

AccumulatedActiveH= ? ;

AccumulatedActiveW =? ;

TotalHeigh =? ;

TotalWidth = ? ;


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