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STM32F103RB + 3 ADC Channels + DMA

Question asked by sauer.michael.001 on Oct 28, 2014

ive used the forum search before but i cannot find any thread that fits to my problem.
I tried to read out continiously 3 ADC channels from my sound filter electronics.
I already got values but the values are so ... i dont know.. wrong!? That is not possible to use them. First i thought it relies on my electronics but i tested the output or the input of noises with an oscilloscope but it was a clear gnd line, so i dont think that its the electronic part any more. 
I got on no sound playing such values:   Channel 1=1590 || 2=1279 || 3=4058
The are different if i play some sound but shouldnt be the values around zero if no sound would be played?
I attached my i hope well documented ADC library, maybe there is an simple issue i overread in the "small" datasheet :)