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Measuring a time between two events with SysTick on STM32F4?

Question asked by anton.bogdan on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2014 by anton.bogdan
Hello all, i want to build a function like current_time = time_now - last_time,  more exactly i wanna  get the time from two of the same event (reading some mems sensors)

I'ved google`it a bit and found that most use the Systick timer built in the ARM M4 core,  but  here i have a question since my experience with systick is very small
Logicaly speaking this means that i must have a timer that runs all the time in paralel with my software, some kind of RTO clock?
But the systick does not gennerate interrupt when it overflows ?
Supose i want to increment at every us, thus getting the timestamp in microseconds, and my concern is wouldn`t this generate a interrupt every us? Halting my code?

Some advices would be apriciated...
Thank You