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Button problem with custom card (STemWin)

Question asked by yuan.guillet on Oct 19, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2014 by yuan.guillet

Hello ,

I have a problem with button function on my card. I can use emWin library to display text, but I cannot display button. In place of button, there is a black block. As shown in the picture.


                hButton = BUTTON_Create(110, 110, 200,100, GUI_ID_OK, WM_CF_SHOW);

Important: I have made my PCB using stm32f429ii as the LCD controller, a LCD 7’’ screen with  800*480pixels and a 256Mbits SDRAM for memory.

With the same code and same LCD screen in the Discovery kit STM32F42x9I-Eval it works, but not with my card. In my card the button doesn’t appear. Meanwhile, I can display text, images. But I can’t display all the widgets.

The only difference between the Discovery kit and my electronic board is the memory SDRAM. But it seems to work well because I can write/read this SDRAM, and performed memory test.

What may be the reason? How can I do?

Thank you!