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STM32F4 what is the best I2C Comunication Method?

Question asked by anton.bogdan on Oct 18, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2014 by Danish Ali
Hello guys,
a few months ago i started to work with discoveryF4 board and some sensors in i2c mode.
But my inconvenient was that after several minutes or several hours the code just STONED...

So in the last couple of days i did some experiments using/not using i2c
After using the i2c comunication in my program it got stoned/halt

I`m not using the interrupt features of the i2c module, so i was wondering to build a i2c driver based on the interrupt event and error handlers.
But i said to ask you whats the best/stable lets say... solution to use the i2c feature.
The idea is that if i get a error on the i2c buss at some point, i dont want my code to get stuck