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ARM GCC + STM32 don't like each other

Question asked by valente.renan.001 on Oct 16, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2014 by valente.renan.001
Hello mates

I'm looking to use the SMT32F303VC (STM32F Discovery Board) for my first product. 

I'm developing on mac osx, build my toolchain based on ARM GNU GCC (GCC ARME NONE EABI 4.8) + Eclipse + Zylin Plugin + OpenOCD, running the ARM GNU Blink LED everything works perfectly, I can compile, flash and debug.

This is the tutorial I followed: 

However I'd like to use the STM32Cube drivers, since they're high level and mature. 

My challenge is to make it compile together. 

Starting a fresh project, the toolchain gives me this (inside zip: ARM GCC BLANK PROJECT.png)

Them I add the paths to the STM32 drivers (highlighted top left) and included some headers, drove me to this error (inside zip: ARM GCC + STM32HAL 1.png), I've noted was because the #include "stm32f30x_conf.h" was missing, I've add and drove me to a much much bigger error: (inside zip: ARM GCC + STM32HAL 2.png) the compiler complains about redefined things.

I'm totally lost, I've just migrated from Microchip to STM32 (there things were easier, since they offer a built IDE, just install and go).

If I could talk to someone on chat or skype/hangouts would be very useful.