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STM32F4 SPI Communication - Last MISO Bit not received

Question asked by ThomasM on Oct 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Amel N

I use a STM32F4-DISCOVERY Board in master mode, which should communicate with a slave via SPI. Basically, the communication is working, but the last bit on the MISO line is always lost. For example, if I receive 0x2E1F (as you can see in the attached picture, purple is MISO, blue is CLK), which would be correct, the STM32F4 recognizes it as 0x2E1E, the last bit is wrong. I tried this with multiple requests, same result. The LSB is always seen as 0.
MOSI data is correct. Clock polarity is also correct.

Has anybody of you already experienced similar problems or has an idea of how to fix this?



P.S.: The rather complex code is because i tried to split the data word into 2 Bytes for transmission, hoping it would fix my problem, but the result stays the same.