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Use of DMA circular buffers in HAL drivers (UART RX, STM32F3)

Question asked by krprzemo on Oct 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by childress.steve
Hello everyone, 

I am trying to port my software to HAL drivers and came across a problem with use of circular buffer. I use it on the RX of UART to continuously receive data. It works as it should on the Standard Peripheral Drivers, but I can't find my way around the new drivers to implement the same function. 

In HAL drivers there is an option to chose the circular mode in DMA_mode of DMA_HandleTypeDef. However I have no idea how to pass the address and size of a memory space where I want DMA to write my received data. I am also not sure how to initiate the transmission and how to get the current index inside the memory space?

In old version I used the following code to initialize the DMA: 
01.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_PeripheralBaseAddr = USART_DR_ADDRESS;
02.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_MemoryBaseAddr = (uint32_t)serialPortRxBuffer;
03.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_DIR = DMA_DIR_PeripheralSRC;
04.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_BufferSize = (uint32_t)USART_MAX_RX_BUFFER_LENGTH;
05.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_PeripheralInc = DMA_PeripheralInc_Disable;
06.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_MemoryInc = DMA_MemoryInc_Enable;
07.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_PeripheralDataSize = DMA_PeripheralDataSize_Byte;
08.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_MemoryDataSize = DMA_MemoryDataSize_Byte;
09.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_Mode = DMA_Mode_Circular;   
10.serialPortDMAInitStructure.DMA_Priority = DMA_Priority_VeryHigh;
11.DMA_Init(USART_RX_DMA_CHANNEL, &serialPortDMAInitStructure);

Also to get the current memory index I was using:

Of course I already checked out the examples, but unfortunately ST seems to miss out this use scenario. 

I will appreciate any help.

Kind regards,