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STM32F429I using DCMI in YCbCr mode with the TVP5150 and TFT LCD

Question asked by P. Chung on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by gonzalez.laurent

I am making a device that uses the TVP5150 via DCMI to display a video using YCbCr on an STM32F429I devicein 4:2:2 format. It is clear in the Reference Manual that the STM32F4 supports YCbCr in DCMI, but it is unclear how to use it correctly.

What I don't understand is after the frame is received, to display the frame in RGB on the TFT LCD, is any post processing needed on the YCbCr information received with the DCMI? I have looked at numerous camera examples, even looking at one provided for use with DCMI in the "STM32F4 DSP and Standard Peripheral Library" (STSW-STM32065)and it seems that goes as far as creating a function thatcanswitch the camera to "YUV"but at no point in the program does it call that functionto actually do it.

If there is post processing needed to convert frames from YCbCr to RGB, would it be fast enough to show video at a "non-choppy"paceat its 2048x2048 maximum DCMI resolution? Or would I have to use the FPU to do the conversions?