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ETH PPS signal generation in PF10

Question asked by JoseA on Oct 9, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by JoseA
Hello everybody!
I am working with STM32F437ZGT6 device and using PTP processing. This appears to run OK.
Now I must generate a pulse-per-second signal (PPS) with the Ethernet module. The main problem is that pins PB5 and PG8 (enabling AF11 they can act as ETH_PPS_OUT) are not available, they are used for other purposes :(
The pin to use for the PPS signal is PF10. I have though to enable AF15 (SYS) so PF10 will act as EVENTOUT.
But I don't know how to "link" the PPS output of the Ethernet MAC to the pin PF10.
Next image is extracted from the Reference Manual (p. 1145).


Thank you very much!!

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Jose A.