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Problems with programming STM via ST-Link SWD

Question asked by Jim Carter on Oct 5, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by karpavicius.linas
Hello, I use your microcontroller STM32F407(lqfp100) at my work. We develop at the research institute a system of control engine. I developed a program at STM32F4 Discovery. But when I developed my scheme where use this microcontroller it can't be programmable. I connected to my scheme where is stm32f407 via  STM32F4 Discovery ST-Link, but ST-link Utility can't find a CPU. So, can you answer, the simplest scheme to programm the chip is: connect all Vdd and Vdda, Vref+ together and connect them to 3.6V. connect all Vss and Vssa together and connect them to GND then connect ST-link SWCLK to CPU SWCLK, ST-link SWDIO to CPU SWDIO,ST-link SWO to CPU SWO, ST-link NRST to CPU NRST, ST-link GND  to CPU GND??? Can you answer is this the simplest schem for programm this controller? Now I need to program this controller. I can programm STM32F103 controller usin this schem, why it is not works with STM32F407(lqfp100). I tryed to connect it for 2 weeks and my result is empty, I read all of Internet and result empty I can't to connect.
I'm sorry for my English. Thank you very much