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Clearing TIM OCxREF signal

Question asked by naphtali on Oct 4, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by naphtali
STM32F407xx Reference Manual
Section 17.4.7
--PWM Mode 1,2

"2: In PWM mode 1 or 2, the OCREF level changes only when the result of the 
comparison changes or when the output compare mode switches from “frozen” mode 
to “PWM” mode."

Does this mean the the OCxRef signal will be asserted as soon as you select a PWM mode, or only PWM mode 1? I am using PWM2 to trigger a 1-pulse timer while looking at the output on an oscilloscope. The output is indicating that I am getting an extra pulse when I enable the timers, which would be explained by this effect.

Is it possible to clear the OCxREF signal?