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STM32F4 HS USB incomplete isochronous OUT interrupts

Question asked by melnyk.ostap on Oct 3, 2014
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Hello! I`m use STM32_USB-Host-Device_Lib_V2.1.0 and try to run the USB audio device on STM32F407VE + USB3300, the device is properly detected and any audio player starts playing, but the data did not come as soon as passed initialization EP1 (OUT) are beginning to be called one after another interrupt Incomplete isochronous OUT data transfers interrupt (IISOOXFRM in OTG_HS_GINTSTS), data on the EP1 as a consequence do not come. Tried a lot of things to do but nothing helps :( may have any or especially when working with isochronous points in HS mode with external PHY?
Hardware problems virtually rule, since successfully launched VCP in HS mode, the data is transmitted normally, the example works fine.

I would be very grateful for any hint, thanks in advance!