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STM32F05x Cannot erase or program using ST-link_cli.exe

Question asked by kuczwaj.jonathan on Oct 1, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2014 by nouha
I am trying to use the command line interface to erase and program an STM32F051

st_link_cli.exe -c SWD -me
Stm32 st-link cli v1.6.1
stm32 st-link command line interface

connected via SWD.
connection mode :normal
st-link firmware version : V2J21s4
Device id:0x440
Device family "stm32F05x
full chip erase ...
error occurred during flash mas erase!
error code 11

 I am also trying to program the boot loader and it fails 
st_link_cli.exe -c SWD  -P c:\RF6_KEYPAD\RF6_2x16_Boot_003.hex 

I receive an error code 12

If I use the st link utility I can erase and program without issue.  Any suggestions?