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usb host over-current detection

Question asked by gao.shark on Sep 28, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2014 by clemence.martin
STM32f407 + usb3300, work in host mode, some high speed usb devices work very well. However, I try for some days to detect vbus over-current, but failed. Has anybody implement it successfully?

My hardware logic is in attached file. My software is as followings.
globle reigster GUSBCFG=0x21301410, the lower 16bits is hw default, the higher 16 bits meaning:
  force host mode, 
  indicator pass through,
  external vbus indicator
  external vbus driver,
port status is 0x00001005, and interrupt is always enabled.

I try all measures, even short-circult vbus to ground to try to make a over-current condition, but nothing happens in usb core register and software interrpt.