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Recommeded for STM32F407 with DCMI

Question asked by Nagano on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2014 by Nagano
I would like work easly and quickly camera with DCMI on STM32F407.
Does anyone know sample source code on this system?
I hope the program work parfect when I write to STM32 byEWARM.
Actually, I already have a STM32F407 Board on my desk(not discovery kit) and OV7670 and OV7725, but unfortunately doesn't work.
Surely myy coworker and I ready other threads, but  it seems anyone doesn't work.

If anyone help us to suggest DCMI code with something camera,
I will try to write it on my STM32F407 and get the camera.

thank you.