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STM32F207 USB HS Mass Storage Device fail recovery problem

Question asked by karlen on Sep 23, 2014
Compiled STM32F207 USB HS Mass Storage Device example with 2.1.0 lib. All seems to work ok. Device can be plugged/unplugged and so on.
But if/when bulk IN transaction fails (i.e. due to host ), the host tries to reset it. In this situation device (PHY), does not respond to HS chirp and enumerates as FS. Plug/unplug does not help. Event on other host it still enumerates as FS, and never as HS. Only way to get back to normal is hard external reset.

Does anyone had similar experience? Or any feeling what could be wrong?
To my understanding is something not correct with handling USB reset command to say the least. The PHY looks to be in wrong state (why - it is separate question) but USB reset and connect/disconnect does not correct PHY to say the least.