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STM32F407IEH6 - I2S2_MCK and I2S3_MCK

Question asked by ferenc.goran on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2014 by ferenc.goran
Hi everybody!

We are currently working on some audio related project. We are using TI's ADC (PCM4201) and DAC (PCM1748) on our board and we will communicate with them using I2S. Now, we have to select appropriate microcontroller and one of the possibilities is STM32F407IEH6. 
So, the idea is to use one I2S for ADC and the second one for DAC. 

Can I2S2_MCK and I2S3_MCK be generated separately (two different frequencies) or these two pins output the same clock signal? We will need two different MCKs, because both ADC and DAC will work in slave mode and they will require different sampling rates at the same time.

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