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IAP usart implementation on stm32f101 and the user app side

Question asked by coetzee.conrad on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by coetzee.conrad
Hi ,

I have perhaps a general question on the IAP , I have implemented it on a STM32f101. It works great so no problem there. However my questions is related to the IAP flashing the user app like a basic hallo world type app. for most parts all vector table and linking adresses has been changed to 0x08003000 as described in the APP NOTE . what i am trying to find is the reverse of this. To break it down , once the IAP is loaded and running , i then use the IAP to load the hallo world app which starts up no problem. No how do i get to re-run the IAP to upload a new app ie. hallow world2 for instance. this part of the documentation is a bit vague,?