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In application software update using STM32 bootloader

Question asked by joao.sehn on Sep 9, 2014
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Hello guys,

I have started to work with STM32 microcontrollers for a little while and I've little knowledge about advanced programming. 
My task is to implement one system which will update the firmware of STM32F105 trough USART1 using the system bootloader. But, it will not be a direct update, there is another microcontroller which will provide the .bin to STM32.
To be able to implement this system I've read the ST documentations AN2606, AN3155 and some datasheets.
What I ask you, in your experience working with these microcontrollers, is to give me some bibliography which I can read about how to use one microcontroller like a bridge to pass the .bin to the final uC.
The system will be:
Radio system ---> host microcontroller  --- (USART1) ---> STM32
I am sorry to ask this general question, but I only want some bibliography where I can find informations about this kind of a system (which you have more than one uC and you have to update all the firmwares).

In addiction, this IAP* does not do something similar to the bootloader? What are the advantages to use it?

I appreciate your help and I apologise my poor english  :)

Thanks, again.