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STM32F411 VREF+ and VDDA Pinout Question

Question asked by rhodes.ethan on Sep 6, 2014
Hello all,

I am trying to confirm the pinout for Vref+ and VDDA on the STM32F411 products. The datasheet states if Vref+ is not available it is internally tied to VDDA. Only the UFBGA100L and LQFP100 packages expose the Vref+.

However, looking in Table 8 (Pin Definitions) it appears the Vref+ and VDDA definitions are swapped. It shows that all packages have Vref+ exposed and only UFBGA100L and LQFP100 packages expose VDDA. I am guessing these two rows were swapped erroneously in the datesheet. I am looking at the June 2014 Rev1 Datasheet for STM32F411xC and STM32F411xE.

Can anyone confirm?

Thank you,