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Maximum VCP speed???

Question asked by ice111 on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2014 by sung.chen_chung
I am using STM32F2xx and connect it with FT232 chip using UART interface

and then I connect FT232 chip to my Windows PC, I wrote an application in my PC using .Net to read and write data to the chip. The PC side is connected to FT232 chip using Virtual Com Port.

I found out that, I could not achieve serial speed higher than 1Mbit/s, which is far lower than advertised by them 12Mbit/s, (the common high speed spec),

I tried to set different baudrate in STM32, if I would set higher than 1250000 baudrate, I would start to get error in the UART bus, 

May I know how can I achieve high serial communication speed?