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Problems due to STM32F417 Silicone Revision 1?

Question asked by vester.bjoern.001 on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2014 by vester.bjoern.001
Dear community,

one of our products uses a STM32F417IGH6 controller and has previously been build using silicone revisions A and Z. The current batch is the first with silicone revision 1 and serveral problems came up. 90% of the boards will not connect to a debugger (e.g. STLink/V2 using STLink Utility V3.4.0) and therefore cannot be programmed or tested, no matter if using SWD or JTAG. 5% are able to connect from time to time and 5% can connect reliably to the debugger. Reading these devices, I can verify, that the device is empty (0xFF on all addresses), but STLink Utility shows Revision ID: Rev. X, while the package is marked "1". All devices have the datecode 427.
There are no changes to PCB or other populated parts, the only change is the STM32's revision. The errata sheet has also no item, that seems to be related to debugging.