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stm32f427 flash dual bank in application programming

Question asked by aag on Aug 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2016 by aag
I work with STM32F427 with 2 Mb flash size and want use high flash bank to load firmware image when upgrading.When I allocate firmware image in low bank (512kb) all works properly, but when i assign address to image to high bank (1024 kb)- i see hard fault error at random points and time- such effects is as stack corrupts. Soft is identical- only image allocation address differ. I know, that when i programm flash in same bank, when code execute- cpu stall, and no interrupts occures, but when code execution is in bank1 and we programm flash in bank 2- code will be executed, so will be interrupts services, including RTOS context switshing etc. Is any limitation of interrupts or some commands execution, while flash programming executed in opposit bank?