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basic circuit of STM32F429

Question asked by Stefan2005 on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by pualuan.omar

I have created an Excel spreadsheet to help in the pin assignment process.  The STM32-Discovery-F429 pinout spreadsheet lists the Discovery modules pin information.

Updates to this spreadsheet will be available in this directory when they are released.  Revision 1.00 is named "Pinput_spreadsheet_of_STM32F429ZIT6_Rev_1.00_Module_K8QHS.xls".


There are no libraries for schematic symbol of STM32F429ZIT6 online. It took me some minutes to create pinouts for LQFP144. I prepared some files with pinouts and schematic library for STM32F429ZIT6 with LQFP144 microcontrollers.

Here I made the basic circuit of STM32F429. But it is not really minimal circuit. Some components can be eliminated to get the mini circuit. Here 

You can download the pdf data from