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USART Buffer: How can I set priorities?

Question asked by Reupri.Alban on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2014 by Reupri.Alban
Hello everybody!

I coded a buffer for my USART output. This is how it looks like:

typedef struct FifoStruct
      volatile uint8_t data[FIFO_BUFFER_SIZE];
      volatile uint8_t read;
      volatile uint8_t write;
} Fifo;
void fifo_init(Fifo* fifo_selected)
    memset((void*)fifo_selected -> data, 0, FIFO_BUFFER_SIZE);
    fifo_selected -> read = 0;
    fifo_selected -> write = 0;
// Add a byte into the selected fifo buffer
uint8_t fifo_bufferIn(Fifo* fifo_selected, uint8_t byte)
  uint8_t next = ((fifo_selected -> write+1) & BUFFER_MASK);
  if (fifo_selected -> read == next) return 0;
  fifo_selected -> data[fifo_selected -> write] = byte;
  fifo_selected -> write = next;
  return 1;

When I want to add a byte I do this:
static Fifo Out_Fifo;
// To add a message in the fifo buffer
void Send_Byte_USART_fifo(uint8_t data)
    // put data in the output fifo in order to send it by USART as soon as the peripherial is free
    fifo_bufferIn(&Out_Fifo, data);
    // enable Transmit Data Register empty interrupt

My USART is quite slow and I want to add priorities to bytes, in order to send quickly important messages. Only two levels of priority is necessary for my application.

Do you know how to achieve that?

Thanks a lot!