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How the UART works ?

Question asked by aminos on Aug 18, 2014
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I'm discovering the STM32F407 with an STM32F4Discovery, in the past, I worked with a PIC32, and I see that there is many differences between those two microcontrollers.

I want to understand how the UART peripheral recognizes the TX and RX pins, in the example, I saw that the initialization of TX and RX pins is the same, only the pin number is different, so how can the UART module recognizes the pin that's used for TX and for RX ??

Is the order of executing HAL_GPIO_Init will decide which pin will be TX and wich pin will be RX ???

In the PIC32MX795, the UART pins are fixed, so there is no problem, but here, I see that the peripheral can drive any mcu's pins.

thank you to enlighten me.