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STM32F429xx/39xx Native Bootloader

Question asked by duarte.andre on Aug 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by duarte.andre
Hello guys,

Ive been looking into the STM32F429xx/39xx native bootloader.
To serve as a guide, here are the steps to be able to use the native bootloader:

1. Jump to BTL mode, in this MCU version the best way (personally) is actually by performing a MASS FLASH erase in the APP code, activate the BFB2 option byte, and execute a soft reset (AN2006 page 78).

2. Use the ST Flash Loader demo app, using UART 1 or UART 3 (specified IOs).

Now im developing a C# application instead of using the STM Flash Loader, and i successfully implemented all commands, but what happens if something hangs in the BTL firmware serial main loop, how can i reset the MCU to be able to resync the UART.
For instance after an RDU command (0x926D) if the following command is not an SYNC 0x7F), the BTL stops replying and the only way is to perform a hard reset.

Put it simple is there any way to perform a native bootloader reset, or re-initialization, via software, i cant find in the documentation.