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Is there any difference between the use of timer 3 and 15 when applying to PWM for servo control?

Question asked by ang.chee_beng.001 on Aug 8, 2014
I designed a servomotor control using PWM. I used Timer 3 and works extremely well. I then tried it on Timer 15, the motor vibrates with the same set of PID and algorithms that worked with Timer 3. I read the manual that illustrates the differences of Timer 3 and 15, mainly Timer 15 has a repetition counter and the need to enable its master output. I also ensure both timers use edge-aligned PWM (since Timer 15 only support edge-aligned mode).

If I don't connect any motor, the PWM waveforms from both Timers measured the same. I really not sure what makes the motor vibrates in Timer 15.

Any insights will be very much appreciated.