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RTP and STM32f107

Question asked by Msba.Mehran on Aug 7, 2014
I use STM32f107 for audio broadcasting in ethernet network.
I use trigged ADC (timer) to generate 8KHz PCM and buffer ADC data with DMA and make Alaw(G711,Fast conversation,table based) and send data with UDP. I use VLC player on PC and get audio correctly.I have this problem:
Received audio is not continues when I send Ping Packet or network has broadcast packets. 
I changed audio buffer form 160(uint16_t,20mS) to 800 (100mS) but the result is same as before.
I changed other parameters too but the result is same as before:
- OS tick (sys-tick) and OS round-robin tick
- TCP Task mechanism(event base and pulling)

- Keil MDK-TCP
- DP83848,RMII,MCO 50MHZ, 100MB speed

I have some question and request:
- Is 72MHz CPU enough for this work?(I did not complete the received audio code on my board,audio must be full-duplex)
- Is my buffering method true?
- Have anybody RTP example?
- what is maximum transfer rate of STM32F107 on UDP?

I welcome to any idea and experience.

Thanks in advance.