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How to use I2C to ignore NACKs? (stm32f401 vs. SCCB)

Question asked by bencsik.gergely on Aug 5, 2014
I'm trying to interface an OV7670 module using STM32F401 discovery board. First step is to get this SCCB interface going, which seems to be an I2C ripoff, check it out

The problem (I think) is that the SCCB protocol has no ACK/NACK bits, instead it's "DONTCARE". So either there's no ACK because it's dontcare, or because the whole thing's dead in some other way. So, is there a way to use (force) the I2C peripheral to ignore and carry on if it gets NACKs? (I fear it may never enter transmitter or receiver mode after the address phase or something of the sort)