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Filtering Function IIR Fiilter - Biquad Filter

Question asked by luc.fohrer on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by luc.fohrer
Hi everyone,

I have to design an IIR Filter and i want to use the DSP library provided. I'm new to digital filtering and i want some help to understand the biquad function in the library. I found an exemple in the arm_graphic_equalizer_exemple_q31 in the DSP Lib. I'm using MATLAB to design my filter with FDA Tool, but still it seems to generate different

My questions are : 
- How can I generate coeficients with MATLAB to be use in the Biquad cascad filter.
- Any help about understanding the Biquad function, or can soemone provide me an easy  example of using it.

Sorry about my bad English

Thank you in advance,