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STM32F3 system memory and bootloading

Question asked by scott.gordon.001 on Jul 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by scott.gordon.001

I'd like to program STM32F373s via their usart1 from an STM32F2, though the latter should be irrelevant, I think.

The board has the STM32F2 controlling four STM32F373 processors as peripheral controllers and talks independently with each via a dedicated usart or uart.  I need to field reprogram the whole unit, so I need bootloaders in all CPUs.  The F2 can control BOOT0 and RST on the F3s.

I would _like_ to be able to program the F3s in production using the same method, though JTAG remains as a fallback if I can't.

It appears that to use the system bootloader in the F3s I must set their nBOOT1 register bit to zero. One of the many documents says "The ST-LINK can do this", but the aim here is to avoid the JTAG if feasible.

That makes it sound to me like I can't actually do what I'd like here, but that seems silly.

Can it be done? How? Or is there another method?