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ADC: first injected channel creates voltage peak

Question asked by Wolke on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by Ivan Ivanov
I have a problem with the ADC on my STMF4Discovery Board.
I am reading two analog voltages with ADC1 in triggered injection mode.
The voltage on the pin with injection rank 1 always has a peak at the injection event. Even when i change the ranks of my two channels, the one with rank 1 always has the peak.

Here are some Scopes:
CH1 (Yellow) is ADC_CHANNEL_8
CH2 (Cyan) is ADC_CHANNEL 15

Here ADC_CHANNEL_15 has rank 1:

Here ADC_CHANNEL_8 has rank 1:

Do you have any idea how i could fix this?

Thanks in advance!