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SDRAM Read operation bug when using HAL libraries.

Question asked by parikh.dhaval on Jul 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by Altinordu.Zekeriya
Hello All,
 I was trying to write and read data from SDRAM on the STM32f429- Discovery board.
I was able to write data to the SDRAM but the read operation was not working.

I used the STM32Cube Mx utility to generate the initialization code.

I started comparing the initialization code with the one which are in the BSP libraries and the FMC example which comes with the STM32CubeF4.

I noticed that the Speed of the GPIO which were used for SDRAM were set to "LOW" when STM32CubeMx generated the initialization code. But they were set to "HIGH" in the BSP libraries.

As simple as it looks, I think speed is critical when reaading data from SDRAM and this can be easily overlooked.

ST should correct this in the next update of the HAL libraries because the read operation doesn't work without it.